Terms and conditions

Cancellation policy

As a customer service-oriented company, we offer changes in and cancellations within the agreed notice period. The reservation can be cancelled or amended without any additional cost before the notice period expires.

The cancellation policy depends on the length of the stay. Notice period counts from the date we received the e-mail with the cancellation/amendment request.

Reservation 4–7 days – 1 day's notice

Reservations from 8 days – 3 days' notice

Reservation 30 - 89 days – 7 days' notice

Reservations over 90 days – 14 days' notice

The same conditions apply for reservations where that cancellation notice was not delivered. The cancelation notice must be sent in writing. If the company signs an individual corporation agreement, the conditions of the agreement will apply.

If the reservation period changes and the length of the stay decreases to the number of nights that do not fulfil long-term reservation terms (30 days+, 60 days+, 90 days+), the daily rate will be adjusted accordingly.

If the notice comes when the accommodation has started, the nights stayed and the nights of the notice period will be charged. If the reservation is extended, the same terms and conditions apply.
If the location, apartment's type, or date change occurs, the rate will be adjusted accordingly.


Payment needs to be settled via online check in process. We accept the following card types: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners Club, Discover and JCB. If the total fee is settled as an invoice, we will check the creditability of the company before the scheduled arrival date. The invoice fee will be added automatically to the final bill.


All complaints should be sent in writing as soon as possible to give us the possibility to attend to the issue and resolve it.

Early check-in

The standard check-in time is 3.00 pm. If early check-in is required, please contact us one day before arrival date to check the possibility. Early check-in is free of charge.

Late check-out

Standard check-out time is 11.00 am. If late checkout is required, please contact us one day before departure date so we can check the possibility. An additional fee applies.

Check-out at 2.00 pm costs 650 NOK

Check-out at 5.00 pm costs 1250 NOK

Apartments access

If there is a need to enter the apartment, due to technical work, cleaning, fire alarm, or suspicion of technical failure, the employees are allowed to enter the apartment.


Weekly cleaning is included in the rate. The housekeeping department works from Monday to Friday between 8.00–16.00 and during these hours performs the cleaning services. Weekly cleaning includes changing linen and towels, dusting surfaces, cleaning of bathroom, removing garbage, vacuuming, and mopping the floor. While cleaning, toilet paper, hand soap, and shower gel will be refilled, and new kitchen towel provided. Final cleaning after departure is included. The apartment should remain in the same good condition as upon arrival.


Smoking is forbidden inside the apartment. A fine of 3500 NOK applies.


Damages of furniture, electric/electronic devices, walls, or floor caused intentionally, through negligence or lack of proper care, are objects of replacement and will be charged accordingly. Guests are obligated to follow the house rules and report damages when they appear. Guests are obligated to use a ventilation hob while cooking. An unnecessary fire alarm causes a fine of 3000 NOK.


Both locations are pet friendly, an additional charge for extra cleaning applies. For reservations 4–29 days, a fee of 900 NOK will be added. For reservations over 30 days, a fee of 2500 NOK will be added.


There is parking available at Paradis, please contact us to arrange the reservation (an additional fee applies). It is possible to arrange parking at Hinna Park as well, but only for long-term reservations. You may also use public parking that is located nearby and operated by EasyPark.